Actemium ASAS



Additionally to main technologies described, Actemium ASAS deals frequently with other technologies such as:

  • Marriage/Decking: handling system based in frames over chain tables or AGVs with lifting systems which moves the engine-exhaust-rear axis set sinchronised with overhead handling Systems in order to marry with the body, it may optionally include automated fastening.
  • AGV: our extensive experience in complete solutions to address our clients needs includes automatic car and/or carriage guided systems.
  • Pendulum Conveyor: overhead handling for phosphate and/or cataphoresis lines up to 200 m treatment length with specific body skids.
  • Power and Free (P&F): although this technolgy tends to be replaced by more recent developments, Actemium ASAS has experience with floor and overhead chain conveyors (P&F) for welding shops, paintshops and final assembly.
  • Slat Conveyors: Actemium ASAS has implemented this technology for body skid and man riding systems, finished car unmanned transport and even for curved aplications which enabled to link different lines of single and dual slat conveyors.Automated Overhead Cranes: automated overhead cranes for specific purposes such as pretreatment facilities,  where pieces and moved and immersed in specific craddles

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