Actemium ASAS

about us

Actemium ASAS' knowhow goes back several decades.

Today, Actemium ASAS is a leader in the development of "turnkey" handling, transport and automated storage systems in the auto industry (in which it is a TIER 1 company for most automobile manufacturers) and in other sectors.

The company's technical and financial capacity enables it to develop all types of projects, from technical studies to find unique solutions to the execution of turnkey projects involving complete facilities.

Our own engineering, project and site management and commissioning resources located in Spain, Germany, France and Brazil, with extensive experience in a wide range of products, together with our manufacturing capabilities, workshop testing, installation and commissioning, featuring a high degree of geographic flexibility, enable us to successfully tackle projects not only in Europe but also in North America, Latin America, North Africa and Asia, either directly or in collaboration with our local partners.