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Actemium ASAS faces up to a new challenge in VOLVO

Actemium ASAS faces up to a new challenge in VOLVO

After a long period of great commercial effort, 2016 will be the year that Actemium ASAS begins a new venture in VOLVO.

Actemium ASAS in February received an order from Volvo Car Group for performance of new electrical monorails and skid conveyors for the introduction of the CMA- V316 + 618H platform on bodywork plant of the factory Volvo Car Gent (Belgium).

The project consists of 500m of electrical monorail EMS- 180 and the conveyor system for skids of new welding line Weltbolt, including: 20 transverse conveyors, 15 roller tables, 11 lift tables, 2 lifts and 3 transfer stations.

The effort, professionalism and excellent quality of work during last years of all staff Actemium ASAS has allowed to provide a confidence of regular and new customers in view of performance of more important projects. It leads to Actemium ASAS to look into the future with confidence and tranquility.

We are convinced that this project will be the beginning of a long, fruitful and permanent business relation.

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