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Actemium ASAS starts a new skillet line project in AUDI Ingolstadt

Actemium ASAS starts a new skillet line project in AUDI Ingolstadt

ISASTUR returns to AUDI’s flagship factory

AUDI has trusted Actemium ASAS Germany again, as they did for their Györ plant in Hungary, to develop a whole new skillet line, together with other ancillary conveying systems, for its Ingolstadt plant, where Actemium ASAS had finished a few months ago another project for the paint line.

As part of their segment B (A4 and related models) investment plant, it is included the complete overhaul of the final assembly workshops. Being this only a part of the general factory upgrade plan scheduled between years 2015 to 2021.

In this case, we are dealing with two new skillet lines, product in which Actemium ASAS has demonstrated to be preferred supplier within AUDI-VW Group, after the high quality and project management standards delivered for similar facilities undertaken recently both in AUDI and SEAT.

Scope includes 136 platforms (4 x 5,6 m) fully equipped with their electrical and control systems, as well as lifting tables aimed to provide exact working height regulation so proper ergonomics is ensured for AUDI employees in all their tasks. Project requires also an extension of the existing EMS delivery system, with a particularly tight schedule, which shows up AUDI’s confidence in Actemium ASAS performance.

Other Project scope includes other ancillary systems and some skid lines.

As usual on its projects, Actemium ASAS will develop engineering, supply, erection, commissioning and start up of project scope on a turn key basis, with an overall scheduled completion time around one year.

Being one of the largest single contract amount orders received, Actemium ASAS is delighted to demonstrate once again its experience and reliability to handle large and complex projects.



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