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Actemium ASAS faces another challenge in SEAT

Actemium ASAS faces another challenge in SEAT

The Grupo ISASTUR company increases its workload in Martorell

After the recent award to Actemium ASAS of a new skillet system for SEAT Ibiza finish line, SEAT has placed again its confidence to undertake a new system to convey Ibiza model bodies from Workshop 1 to Workshop 2, this time the selected technology has been EMS.

Project scope includes various difficult on-site activities, both schedule and technology wise. Therefore it accounts for another challenge to Actemium ASAS, after previous projects developed for SEAT such as the assembly line for SEAT Leon in Workshop 10 among others.

Further to modifications on EMS layout, scope includes supply and commissioning of 50 carriers compatible with other existing units, upgrading power trolleys to current standards without affecting existing equipment.

Another key feature in this Project is the modification of EMS management system, in a very sensitive area of Martorell Plant since all current SEAT models run through it at some point.

This Project consolidates Actemium ASAS as long standing partner, aiming to continue on future projects in SEAT.


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