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SEAT awards yet another skillet to Actemium ASAS

SEAT awards yet another skillet to Actemium ASAS

Previous performance is rewarded, SEAT and Group VW reaffirm their confidence in the ISASTUR Group company for projects with skillet technology

Actemium ASAS has been retained by SEAT as main contractor to develop a new skillet on the body check-up and reworks area for the new SEAT IBIZA that will be launched in 2016 or 2017.

This new line will be placed at Taller 1 building within SEAT’s Martorell factory, on the former welding area of SEAT Exeo.

Skillet technology allows the employees to work on the platform as it moves along, ensuring a hassle free area and thus enhancing their installation and/or inspection works, it also provides variation on the height of the platform carrying the car body for improved ergonomics.

A somehow unusual feature of this new skillet is that platform height variation will be done exclusively by mechanical means, without need for any electrical supply. This very cost effective solution is indicated for those manufacturing lines that, due to their production rates, cannot afford electrical gearing but still need similar features in order to achieve client’s quality and ergonomic standards.


Actemium ASAS is a reference supplier for Group VW and stands at the forefront of this transport technology, which is becoming increasingly popular in the industry, since it has recently delivered a number of projects for SEAT and AUDI with various characteristics and technologies for the lifting system: mechanical, powerail electrical supply and inductive electrical supply.

Other companies of ISASTUR Group will cooperate with Actemium ASAS in this project, as will be the case of ISASTUR for the electrical, automation and control systems.

This order helps keeping Actemium ASAS’ backlog at high levels, with ongoing projects for several clients such as SEAT, AUDI, Volkswagen, FORD, OPEL or Michelin, among others, project locations include Poland, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, etc.


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