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Actemium ASAS to work again in OPEL Zaragoza

Actemium ASAS to work again in OPEL Zaragoza

OPEL awards an important order to the Grupo ISASTUR for its final assembly plant

This award confirms Actemium ASAS’ come back to develop an important project within the final assembly plant upgrade investment to cope with the new MERIVA, MOKA and C3 PICASSO models at General Motors / OPEL factory in Figueruelas.

Project scope, amounting over 2,5 Million Euros, includes modifying, replace and double equipment and complete conveying systems with a high degree of technical complexity, both at design and commissioning stages. The award confirms the high degree of trust placed by GM/OPEL in Actemium ASAS’ capabilities.

This Project is part of the investments developed under the new agreement between General Motors and PSA, which focus in sharing a global platform to manage purchases and suppliers. Actemium ASAS is working for OPEL in Spain and Germany and has recently developed projects for PSA in Spain and Brasil.

Therefore, this award confirms that thanks to its extensive experience with various car manufacturers at TIER 1 level, amongst them OPEL and PSA, executing large and challenging projects worldwide, Actemium ASAS is placed at a very good standpoint in order to cooperate with its clients in such purchase optimisation endeavours.


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